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We are CAL Parma

Centro Agro Alimentare and Logistic of Parma

General informations

What's CAL?

The Centro Agro Alimentare and Logistic of Parma (C.A.L.) is the fulcrum area for the activities of the fruit and vegetable market.

A brand new structure, functional for the modern business and commercialising demands of producers – large retailer and retail sale, agriculture enterprises and producers, transformation enterprises, commercial operator and


Our services

Quality Control

Quality control

The quality is unique, the options are many!

Loading, Unloading, Porterage

Loading, Unloading, Porterage

You can move it in advance

Security Service

Security service

Open 24/24

Garbage Swallow

Garbage swallow

Separate collection of waste is disposed everyday

CAL Parma

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